Email Password/Username Disappeared Inexplicably

Hi, thanks for being here & reading this post, would greatly appreciate any helpful suggestions/insights.

I went to check my email on my iphone this morning and it said “password/username incorrect”, which was weird, because I hadn’t changed my settings, thought it was iphone issue. Same thing happened on my Apple Desktop Mail, and when I tried to log onto Dreamhost: “ERROR
Unknown user or password incorrect.”

I am, however, able to access my Dreamhost Mailbox Manager, and even though I change the password and Mailbox Manager works, I am still unable to access email. I made an auto-responder message that tells recipients my email isn’t working and to email me at another address, but upon testing, it didn’t send any auto-replies. I don’t have a web panel login, so haven’t been able to get tech support through dreamhost.

Am desperately trying to resolve issue (and hopefully salvage today’s mail, before I transfer to a different server). Any admin suggestions welcome, anybody else have this problem today?


Can you log into webmail? And can you contact the admin for your domain to have them check your email account in the panel and possibly reset the password?


can’t log into webmail, have reset p.w. several times in squirrelmail, will ask admin to look into it in the panel, thanks for the tip!

I am having the same problem - I have tried to contact support - I have 7 open tickets and it has been over 24 hours we’re going on a day and a half and I can’ log in at all - no reponse from anyone -it is extremly frustrating!

i feel your pain-- did it just start yesterday morning?