Email password suddenly not working - no way to auth my IP to raise a support ticket

My email password has stopped working overnight and subsequently I cannot now authenticate my IP address in order to log-in to the DH panel so that I can contact support.

In case my password had been compromised somehow - I can (and have) changed my email password through the webmail mailbox manager;
although that change has not propagated within the two hour limit mentioned by the mailbox manager screen so I still cannot access my email/webmail.

Despite multiple requests via the contact form on the main DH website already today (I have no other way of contacting you) no-one at Dreamhost seems to care enough to contact me in order to resolve this situation.

So I’ve managed to work out that the VISA card on my account has expired
Is the quickest way to resolve this sending a postal cheque? That seems ridiculous.

try tweeting @dreamhostcare

It would be awesome if dreamhost was better at communicating and responding in cases like these. From the outside looking in, it seems when the billing team or the security team have to be involved things drag on at a snails pace.

FWIW, suspension was not your first warning, but I’ve had automated email from dreamhost support end up filtered as spam.

Hello Michael,

Thank you for contacting us for support, I apologize for any frustration. You say that you sent in a support request per our website contact form. If you can supply the name it was submitted under I can look into the status of those tickets,

Matt C