Email panel login problems

Years ago, I set up a hosting account for a website that we created but don’t check very often. I noticed yesterday that the site was down, so I tried to login to the Dreamhost panel. When I entered the username/email and password, I received the following message:

“Your password has expired! In order to log in, please reset your password.”

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal to reset the password, except that I realized that the username/email address was one that I cancelled last year. So, in theory, if I reset my password, it would sent the link to an email address that no longer exists.

I need to change my username/email login or somehow get into that account. I have a feeling that the domain expired because the email updates we probably received went to this inactive email.

Please help. Thank you.

use this form, pick forgot password in the dropdown link. They have protocols for this sort of thing.

Thank you. I submitted this form to Dreamhost last night, but haven’t yet received a response.

Sadly I’m pretty certain “forgot password” is a function they can only deal with during business hours monday thru friday. Hope Andrew corrects me.

I’ve chatted online with a rep (via another unrelated DH account that I have). He said that they see my trouble ticket (that was sent via the aforementioned form) and that they would respond shortly. I still haven’t heard from anybody. Disappointing.