Email outage?

I seem to be having problems connecting to my pop3 mail this morning. Even webmail is iffy at times with “timeout connecting to imap server” errors.
Anyone else experiencing this?

I have the same with IMAP…

Sent in a support request…

My mail is on MURDOCK


My mail is on murdock as well and its being very flaky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It just really sucks being the email tech support for a company of 200+ when its like this.

My IMAP is connecting but refusing the username/password. Mail is on murdock as well. I can login with webmail though.

I’m having the same problem here. Looks like I have Murdock for email as well. I sent them a troubleshooting ticket.

Now, I can’t even log in to webmail without the IMAP error message.

I’ve been unable to get email since around 3AM, according to my logs.

Seems to be back…


Yep seems to be back for me as well. w00t!