Email originating from dreamhost hosted domain


I am currently using dreamhost email hosting for forwarding e.g. is forward to my personal email address. However I want to originate emails such that they appear to be sent by Is there a way to do that?

thanks in advance,


set as your return address. No one will notice unless they look at the headers.


In addition to what bobocat said you many need to add dreamhost as an smtp server. To give you better more complete information you need to tell us more about your personal email address that you mentioned, such as is that address also through dreamhost or is it provided thought your isp or gmail? Do you use a mail client such as outlook for thunderbird, or are you logging in via webmail?


Thanks for the advice - the personal email accounts are yahoo or gmail or the like.
If I use the personal account would I set as the return address somehow just when I send out treasurer related email? Are the alternatives send to out email from the dreamhost hosting? To this point I have been a novice with dreamhost email, just using it to forward to my personal email.

thanks again!