Email only?


Hi guys, i currently have dreamhost web hosting, but since im out of school i no longer need the web server or bandwidth. However, i would like to keep my domain registration and email. Is it possible to have email only with dreamhost? or am i going to be forced to go with an email only host :frowning:


From publicly available information, my understanding is that Dreamhost doesn’t offer email only accounts.

I’d personally suggest using Google Apps for your email. You will have to use a third-party DNS service as well since you only get the full DNS service features with a Dreamhost hosting account.

I don’t have a recommendation for DNS services anymore, but freedns, zoneedit, and everydns come to mind. I use zoneedit but I’ve heard their service had declined after they got bought out.

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I think most of the hosting companies bundle email server with web server.

I’ve seen some “free” email server before. But I won’t suggest them. They are not stable and give a lot of pop up pages.

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