Email only hosting!


Hey guys,
I currently have a website hosted in New Zealand, which is best for the client base as they’re all NZ’ers. However it’s also my main email.

The problem is the NZ host’s email servers are rather flakey, which is a pain as i need to recieve emails on multiple computers, so I am looking to use IMAP. BUT NZ hosts charge about the same for 50meg hosting as my unlimited dreamhost account costs. 50meg won’t do for all my emails if I go IMAP so I want to take advantage of my dreamhost account and use it for the email side of that domain.

I can edit the MX entries on the NZ hosting, but I’m unsure of how to set it up to host email on dreamhost. Do I set it up as a fully hosted domain but not edit the DNS records of the domain?

Help appreciated,


Totally doable (I’ve done it):

  • Set your domain up as fully hosted.
  • Set up an email acct on it.
  • Have your nameservers pointed to wherever your site is hosted.
  • Go to Manage Domains in your DH panel and hit the DNS link… it will show you all the ips and mxs a records and whatnot.
  • Go to your NZ host’s DNS setup and input all of the ones having to do with mail that you see in your DH DNS.


Hey man thanks for that,
I’ve set it up as fully hosted but not changed the DNS records to DH’s ones… however I can’t seem to find the MX records for my DH hosting - just gives the option of DH mail or gmail. Any idea how I can find out what to put in my NZ host’s custom MX entry?


Try this:



It’s in the DNS button for your domain on the main Manage Domains page (after your domain is already set up for full hosting). Just go to Manage Domains, the scroll through your domains list, then look for the button that says DNS.


Cheers again, i can’t have refreshed the page after creating an email account!