Email on Samsung phone and tablet?

I cannot seem to set up my email on my S4 mini and s5 tablet.

There are no instructions for this on the wiki page. Lists i-phones etc but no Samsung.


Can someone guide me? They have sent me “how to” instructions and they do not work…

Anyone successfully set up their emails on a Samsung?

The information for the iPhone setup is basically the same as what you would need for an Android phone. Instructions for the Android phone vary too much to make a general page as the setup is different from one version of the Android OS to another and there are many versions out there from Gingerbread to Jelly Beans to Ice Cream Sandwich to whatever.

What is important are the server names, port numbers, user names, passwords, and protocols. Use TLS security. Use IMAP, not POP. Use an account name/password for logon. Don’t forget the domain name such as "" for the user name; don’t just use “username”. Treat the DreamHost as any “other mailer” configuration.

Oh, and the iPhone setup pictures and setup in the wiki page are for an older iOS as well. The setup changed in iOS-8. But, most people can just work it through. So, don’t feel too bad. It is old stuff for the iPhone too.