Email on Linux?


What is best Email setup using Linux at DreamHost and Linux at home? Want fast speed, probably local copy with backup copy on DreamHost? What email software is good?



If you want text-only, try Pine. If you want a GUI-based client, look at Thunderbird from



I recommend Thunderbird from Mozilla Foundation or Evolution.

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I just use evolution. Comes as standard on most gnome based distros.

If you use IMAP/POP any mail will remain on dreamhost anyway (though with POP you would have to make sure it is set to leave a copy on the server) and any mail application would work.

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I’ve been pretty happy with KMail from KDE in the past few years (and it’s running almost 24/7). You might also want to look into web-based solutions such as RoundCube webmail (, which, depending on your connection speed, may be quick enough.
A friend of mine goes a different route, setting up an email server locally (I believe he uses the Kerio Mailserver), using his ISP as the smarthost, and accessing the mail using TheBat, Thunderbird, and other mail clients locally; This has the advantage of fast access combined with multi-client accessibility (which is rather nice to have if you have more than just one computer and/or client :slight_smile: