Email not working?

I can only log into one account on Squirrelmail. I can send emails using Outlook from all 3 accounts I set up in my control panel but can’t receive from any of them. I have triple checked the passwords and they’re all right. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

I am the opposite. I can recieve emails, but not send them through Outlook and have to log into Squirrel Mail every time. This is only necessary for 1 of the addresses, all the other emails work fine.

out of my three employees, we have four email addresses (one for info) and i use two of them. my employees can receive and send mail just fine, but i keep getting password errors on my computer. the password is correct too, because it works sometimes.

this is very strange/annoying.

crazy frustrating: can send mail, all other accounts working, just cannot retrieve mail from pop/smtp account at Dreamhost…


hope someone can help out on this, all was well until yesterday then POW! I run my business from the sorting of mucho incoming mail from clients and webmail is just NOT the ticket for me.

fingers crossed…