Email not working! Moved domain from registrar!

Oh man. Just lost several hours of email before I had the brains to change my ebay forwarding address.

Anyway, I was trying to change my mail server from to my new DreamHost account since their smtp servers can’t handle email over 50K for some odd reason. Turns out it’s even worse than before … I can’t access email from both my domain at DreamHost and the important mail from the other registrar! I’ve already written to support but they’re taking so long to reply.

Can someone tell me how exactly I’m suppose to do this step by step? I thought it was as simple as adding the domain to DreamHost (full hosted or forwarding? I tried both) then add the 3 DH name servers to my old registrar, since I’m not actually transferring the domain name, just want to use DH pop/smtp servers and keep the domain with the current registrar. As for the hosting i don’t need it, just want to redirect to another webpage.

Well I had it working at one point several hours ago (both domain names). Then a few minutes later it stopped working and so I put the old name servers back on and now 1 hour later it’s still not working :frowning: Help!

oh man … I should have asked before attempting this. I’m using “My Crazy Domain Insane” and I’ve tried updating the name servers on the old registrar, added all my email addresses and forwarding addresses, tried webmail for both domains, selected “A Domain Redirect” and now “A Fully Hosted Domain”, changing the MX Record to (wanted to try it out actually for my DH registered domain), and I see no current network issues.

I think I’ve tinkered with all the settings known to man. The tough part is that it takes forever to update and when you use email for business, time lost = money lost :frowning: