Email Not Working - Anyone else?

Am I the only one who has had no email access since last night? IMAP, POP - everything just dies on the connection.

(Yep, I emailed support - just wondering.)

Yep. Mine’s not working either.

I haven’t had anything from 4.30am, and they’ve also managed to screw up my profile so all my IMAP folders are missing as well as my archived mail. I know they’re on the server - I can see them in Maildir - but I think it’s a quick config issue for them to sort out. The annoyign thing is, it will probably only take them 5 minutes, but I’ve been waiting 2 DAYS!

Me too. No email for about 30 hours now - and no reply to my support tickets.
I sent a test message to myself which didn’t bounce but I see in the control panel that the web folders seem empty (0%). I hope this doesn’t mean I have lost mail for these two days - my clients are going to be mightily ticked off. :frowning:

I’m just a few hours away from 24 hours. Score!

Seriously though, this is pretty bad. I would think that our emails aren’t lost, right? Right, DH?

Mine just crapped out a few minutes ago – I hope I’m not waiting as long as you guys have been for a fix!

Yep, same here. Mine stopped working sometime early this morning. Oddly, mail still gets through to my junk mail holding area, but not to my mailbox (or that of the other users on my domain). Service ticket 6+ hours old and no reply.

Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

Still no reply from DH, still no email. :frowning:

This is very bad and strangely out of character for DH who have always been so prompt in the past.

If I transfer to another host it’s another two days without mail…what to do, what to do…

[quote]Service ticket 6+ hours old and no reply.


My service ticket is now 1 day 1 hour old!!

This is almost funny, it’s so messed up. Mail can get to my junk mail quarantine, but if I whitelist the sender and move the mail to my InBox…it doesn’t go to my InBox.

No explanation so far, but the mail is flowing again…

I have not been able to access my email for over 3 hours now. Webmail either. They told me they could not see any problems on their end. So, I submitted a ticket on my own. No word back yet. This sux.

From what I can see, we’ve not rec’d email to any domain of ours hosted here since about 6.40PDT yesterday (23rd). We have a support ticket in, no response yet. Ours didn’t come back up when DH announced email back up. No access from Webmail or Email client.

I now have to of the 3 email accounts working. I don’t know how long this will last. We’ll see.

My email’s not working either. It worked yesterday but now Thunderbird just spits “can’t connect to server” errors. I submitted a help ticket like 11 hours ago and haven’t heard anything back. My webmail’s not working either. D:

I just opened an account after rave reviews from many people. I cannot connect to webmail. I dropped support a line. Luckily I can still pop fetch though.

I’m not impressed.

I am getting a MySQL error on the webmail page also. I just filed a support ticket on this matter, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Just logged on this morning to see if anyone else was having problems with webmail. Guess so…

Had to reply to your post though – I’m a big proponent of getting consumers accurate information(we may never reach “perfect information” in our markets but we can try!). Anyways, I find it “surprising” that an informed(and honest) person can be recommending DH these days. Unless, reliability of services is not a big deal to you. And while all the “cheap ISPs” have their issues(which should be made clear to you in a perfect world), there is no doubt there may be better alternatives to DH depending upon your needs. For instance, rock solid email service? If that’s your priority then clearly there are better options.

Point is – pay attention to your 89 day/however long guarantee and go ahead and shop elsewhere if you need to.

And lemme know where you end up! :wink:


Thanks for the reply, if you read my post in the off topic forum. I’m coming over here from 1and1 which I was satisifed with but with some minor annoyances.

Email isn’t that big a deal for me. As long as the mail isn’t compleltely lost and it’s queued on the server until they decide I can access it I don’t mind. Anything important goes through gmail or my ISP accounts anyhow.

I was initially and still am impressed with DH’s support. I shot them a few questions before buying and the guy was so friendly. Almost like talking to someone I’ve known for years, that counts for a lot when a majority of tech support is subpar especially with economy hosts.

I pretty much choose DH because of the sick amount of bandwidth I get, I have the code monster package so I’m sitting on something like 1.6 TB. Now am I ever going to use all that? Probably not but at least I know it’s there. The guy really got me on dreamhost runs serveral sites one of them acts as a linux repo which as never given him any major problems.

Well, having some php script like webmail not working is totally fine but having the IMAP and SMTP down for more than 12 hours at a time in a 3 month interval? I’m not sure I would be happy with this kind of reliability. I’m not about to ditch dreamhost but the viability of future business goes lower and lower each time this happens.

All my accounts are working. I received an email this morning informing me. It was a personal email, not a canned response to the group. I have to admit, as a new subscriber, I have been really disappointed with the email problems. But, I like these guys, so I am gonna stick it out for a while longer.