Email not wokring


i was checking my contact form to see if email is working by sending myself 10 emails.

i have only recieved 1 email since i sent them.
some have been sent as far as 4 days ago.
is email down or is there something wrong on my end?



i’m assuming you are using contact form 7 for wordpress… i’m having the exact same issue across the board on all of my contact form 7/wordpress installs. the only emails that seem to be delivered instantly are emails “from” a dreamhost hosted email address, if i fill out the form with a non dreamhost address then the emails are either massively delayed or not delivered at all. this is not a junk/spam issue and i’ve set up the exact same install on two other hosts to test and both of those installs are delivering the emails instantly. this seems like a dreamhost mail server issue.

i submitted a support ticket and i recommend you doing the same.


i got it working.
install wp mail smtp plugin.
then well it depends if your using gmail as your email or dreamhosts webmail?
which one are you?


this was the response i got from support:

The issue with the Form is that our new SPAM policy requires you to use a Dreamhost address in the FROM address. This policy was rolled out to different servers and updated over the course of the past few months.

so basically if you use any kind of contact form on your site you are now no longer allowed to have emails sent using non dreamhost address in the FROM address. The work around is to have the FROM address in your code as a dreamhost email, I’ve now set up my forms to use the TO address as the FROM address as well and now have the person’s email that they fill out in the form also added as the Reply-To address. so now when i get an email, the to and from addresses are the same (both dreamhost addresses) but the reply-to address is the one from the form so when i hit reply it goes to the person who filled out the form instead of replying to the address in the FROM field.

if you use contact form 7 in wordpress then do this:

  1. from field enter in a dreamhost address. ex:
  2. in the additional headers box add: Reply-to: [your-name] <[your-email]>