Email Not synching like it should

I have a major issue. My friends site was only having email hosted with regester-dotcom and so I wanted to make sure they did not loose their emails when they switched over to my server, SO I put all thier accounts in Mail (apple’s program) and synched just fine to the old server, Then I set up my emails with the same passwords in my server and NOW, all my mailboxes in Mail are offline. I went on to webmail and I can get it and they are reciving new emails, but it is not syncing to my mail app. I am using IMAP.

I almost chose not read your post because:

  • the subject is in all caps
  • the subject is not informative/related to problem

Anyway, sometimes we all get stressed.

Try: for general info and which may have exactly what you need.


[quote]I almost chose not read your post because:

  • the subject is in all caps

  • the subject is not informative/related to problem[/quote]
    All of the above, plus:

  • the post contained the word “apple”

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Sorry about the title -

I already read those - I know how to set up. Like I said they are set up properly, but for some reason they are not syncing now that they are on my server now.

Can someone please help me with a direct answer?

Hey, an Apple user! I’m happy to help one. (Now scjessey hates me)

In for the IMAP settings, did you set the IMAP path prefix to INBOX? Are all the mail messages still in your local mail? Oh, and you need to go to Mailbox->Use This Mailbox For: in, out, trash, and such. Here’s the Wiki:


Do you get any error messages?

On edit: Thanks for fixing your subject line :slight_smile:

I dont know a better way of explaining it, It sync’ed just fine to the regesterDotcom server. The email accounts have the same pass as they were on the old server, now on my server (dreamhost) It should recognize the pass and and then sync to my

I deleted one of the 15 accounts and re-set it up, and it works fine, but of course there are none of the emails from the old server on there, and I cant find a away of getting the User>Library>Mail> (mailboxes to work) I replaced the new existing ones with the backup ones that I took off before I deleted the account, and it did not work recognize them.

I get no Errors. Sorry again about the subject line. I learned my lesson :slight_smile:

If I understand your previous mail correctly…

If you delete the existing setup for a user on your Mac, and set it up again, mail works with the DH server.

Do you still have documentation for setting up with the previous host? If so, you may find a configuration difference (something set for the previous host which should not be set for DH).

No, that is the thing, When I set up with the old server, i use the same settings I always use. That is why I would have thought it would seemlessly just roll over the the DH server and sync from my mail to the server.

You could try this, though it is a bit dirty. This is not my favorite approach as I like knowing why something is happening…

First, make a system backup, if you don’t have one already… You never know how bad a situation can get.

Make a copy of the mail files for a user.
Delete the email configuration for the user.
Create the user from scratch (since you say that works).
Put the copy of mail files in the proper place for the newly (re)created user.

If it works, repeat as required. Otherwise, restore from backup and try something else.

Unfortunately, if you read 3 or 4 high, I already Tried that and nothing happens :frowning: HELP!

Okay well I figured out a partial answer. I could not find any help and here I am 11:30pm and I got somewhere. No one seems to know, which is really surprising to me, but here is the answer.

you create your account in Then you create a Mailbox on the left hand menu called it Xfer, (create by right clicking in the left hand panel and select for Mac.) Then you open the place where you backed up in one finder and in another finder got to Home>Mail>Mailboxes, and you’ll see your Xfer.mbox there, Take the back up mail files and drag them into the Xfer.mbox and then go to and select your Xfer Folder and then go to Mailbox>Rebuild and the files will show, (note: Now all of them will be there for some odd reason, the only ones that will transfer are the .smix files. If you want to trasnfer the partial.emix files you need to remove the partial and make it just a .emix. After you Rebuild, just Drag it to the Account you want them and that is it. I wish I could have gotten some help, and hopefully there is a better way, but for now I will say I founded this way, and cant wait to help others in need.

Thanks again to anyone who chimed in to give it a shot

Thanks for the followup. I haven’t looked in to Rebuild in ages, and have since forgotten about it. I guess I haven’t noticed any problems.