Email not received


All morning. I have sent test messages to myself from gmail, hotmail, etc, email accounts, but I don’t receive them on my Dreamhost accounts.

I noticed this problem about 9:00 AM this morning. Sent several test messages, still haven’t received them.


Same noticed here. In spite of indicating mail issues are resolved, many of my email addresses, obn many domains, are returning bounces:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 554 Relay access denied

The clients are already screaming at me… Arguuughhh!


Ditto here (as posted in the previous email problem thread).

For what its worth, from DH’s tracking page:
Verified mail outage: blah@blahblah [stop tracking]
2 hours 40 mins ago: Outage verified: We are actively looking into resolving it.
2 hours 49 mins ago: Outage first reported.

I’ve just started to get a few spam/newsletter type emails. I also noticed my .procmailrc files are missing on at least 3 accounts.


Which “tracking” page are your referring to? does not show that problem, and I am not aware of another tracking page.

EDIT: Never mind, I figured out that you mean the Support “System Wide” verifier/tracker. I didn’t initially report it there, as I could “CHECK” and “SEND” mail, just not receive it. For my domains, only the “RECEIPT” of messages is borked, my users can send and check just fine. Mail sent “TO” them is bounced, as indicated.


You’re right: I meant the System Wide tracker.

Just to confirm for any others, though, my problem is the same as yours: my clients’ emails are bouncing with the same error.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a better category through which to report this problem via the support page. I used the best fit, and when I finished, the system informed me it was already being tracked as an “outage”.

I’ve just sent a message via the Support Request as well.

I’m assuming (hoping?) that DH is aware of the issue and trying to address it…


We have status!

Good news: mail is now being queued, not bounced. I sent a few test emails from google/yahoo to confirm.


Just an update,

Some of my sites’ mail functions are starting to return to normal…keeping my fingers crossed that they fixed all of them. It’s been a bit of a rough afternoon with clients’ concerns, and all. I suppose the “good news” is that, since my email was also affected, I only got phone calls and only from some clients…I’ll probably get the “bad” news when all the “que’ed” email hits, and I see the “panic” emails the clients thought I already received, and didn’t respond to (won’t that be fun)!



anyone still having email troubles? i can now recieve fine, but sending via smtp is very intermitent. on the majority of accounts it doesn’t work. did settings change? it works fine via webmail, some odd smtp issue. and no bounce back or error, just gone…


All my domains’ mail services started coming back online, sporadically, at around 1700 PDT last night, and are now working fine. SInce you mention it is SMTP client stuff that is only functioning intermittantly, it could have something to do with your client. The Dreamhost Status page ( has an entry “down the page” indicating some email clients needed to be rebooted, or have their settings reentered after the last email crash (I think on May 17-18). You might consider trying what they suggest there, if the problem continues.

EDIT: I might have spoken too soon, as I just noticed a little wierdness on my end. My POP3 client indicates it is going to a “new” server, and had some trouble connecting. WHat used to be “swarthy” is now reporting as “balanced-1.swarthy” - Maybe Dreamhost is cahnging some stuff again?



yeah, don’t think its the client settings. they were all working fine until yesterday, now 2 out of 10 are working, in 3 different locations. there must still be something going on with the settings on dreamhost’s end.