Email not forwarding though set up correctly
the forwarded from address is and the forwarded to address is
when i try to go to mail box i get this (image):

Is this a forward only email? Or an email box that also forwards to gmail?

If it’s forward only you will need to just log into gmail. The webmail interface at dreamhost won’t do anything for you.

If it is a valid email box at dreamhost, that also forwards to gmail, then open a ticket with support. You should not be getting an error message like that.

It was not a forward only email, but I was not terribly familiar with that part of the panel so I had to switch it to be sure. Now that it is forward only, I have waited at least 30 minutes for a test email to get to my gmail box, and nothing, with no bounce message. What’s the address of where I start a ticket?

In the panel, here:

Frankly tho, there is a better way to do what you want to do.

Sadly you will always have trouble with Dreamhost forwarding mail to gmail (as well as others).

What I would do if I were you:
1 - Convert the email address back to an email box in the dreamhost panel. Don’t set up any forwarding.
2 - log into your gmail account.
- Use the gear in the top right to select “Settings”
- Click on “Accounts and Import” near the top, just left of Center.
- Click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own.” and follow the prompts. You will need to give the password to the dreamhost email account.

This will let gmail collect your email out of the dreamhost account, rather than asking dreamhost to forward it to gmail. It will work this way, whereas forwarding will always be problematic.

Well I can’t get POP3 retrieval to work, and after I changed back (before attempting retrieval) I got the same error screen, so I submitted a support ticket.