Email not downloading

Hi Friends
A puzzle. I’ve got various email accounts on dreamhost all of which I connect via Outlook to download/send emails.
All is well with 7 email accounts except one. Ever since I set it up a few months ago, I can only send via Outlook but cannot download (even though the SEND/RECEIVE in outlook gives me a green tick for OK as if all is downloaded).
The emails just stay on the server so I must use Webmail to access them. All the settings in outlook are exactly the same for all email accounts.
Any ideas?
most grateful!
Any idea

I had an user report this to me as well on May 15 as well. Outlook keeps asking for a password and won’t download e-mail.

I also have several e-mail addresses set-up in Outlook and my e-mail continues to download without a problem, but I’d like to get this fixed for my user.

Anyone else?

I know this is an old thread, but we have one user at my job having this problem. It’s just not downloading her email. She is not happy and it is making DreamHost look bad.

It’s not asking for her password, or even issuing an error, it’s just not downloading. I have submitted a support ticket, I need an answer ASAP.