Email nightmares

Off and on for I guess the last 5 or 6 days we have had major e-mail issues with dream host, I guess their email servers are crashing etc. HOURS and I mean HOURS later it comes back up. The last time was almost 24 hours before we got email back.

Another day has gone by and my e-mail is STILL down. I say since yesterday around 2PM it is almost 3am Wed morning. And the email is still down. Their “web mail” service is so slow it’s not even funny. I have customers now sending PM’s freaking out.

I have had site glitches of my sites going down off and on for the last couple of months just out of the blue. I am on their best plan and have sent them a lot of customers. I can’t keep sending customers to something that is not reliable. I use to rave about dreamhost but the last few months have been nothing short of a “nightmare”

Anyone else having email issues. I notice in their customer support last time I went to report this problem there where over 500 emails in front of me. So I guess I just answered my own question. hah…

Good luck everyone!

Yes I am also seeing email outages, though not as long as yours. Support says:

the mail server you are on, murdock has recently been having issues
with it’s mysql “lookup” database. Basically, every message that comes
in must query the database to check where it should be routed. For
reasons currently unknown to us, the database has simply been hanging up.

We have opened a support ticket with the people at mysql in hopes of
getting this resolved. In the meantime, we’re going to add another mail
machine to your mail cluster. This should alleviate the problem for the
short term.