Email nightmare

"Successfully edited!

IMPORTANT! Mailbox Login: m******* Password: ********

Note: It will take a few minutes for this change to take effect."

Can anybody tell me how long this “few minutes” is? I could login to this account with an email reader last night but this morning it isn’t working. So I change the password but to no avail. I can’t login via POP3 using the m******* username, nor can I login to webmail using the username. (It says the password is invalid.)

I’ve even telnetted into the server and the response looks like this:

+OK Hello there.
USER m*******
+OK Password required.
PASS ********
-ERR Login failed.

Connection to host lost.

I keep getting stuck for hours performing what should be trivial tasks like this.

Resolved by Tech support. But now another problem: is unresponsive. :frowning:

Huh. Now is working, but my email account is no longer accepting the password again. Unbelievable. Just had it emailed to my webmail account for verification and I’m definitely using the correct one. sigh

I have not been able to send mail all day. I’ve had to use my ISP mail server to send. Nothing has changed for months, I haven’t touched a thing. I tried port 587 (<- what it was set to) and 25. No luck.

It says “The attempt to read data from the mail server failed”. I can recieve mail just fine. I don’t remember seeing that error before.

Strange. I’ve had lots of trouble with mail during this, my first year at DH.