Email / Newsletter send limits


I know about DH’s Announce List system, but this questions has nothing to with that.

I will be using an outside program and it will oblige by the Anti-Spam-Policy DH sets for software like this. I have read and tested it very carefully.

What I need to know is any limits of the amount, lets say per hour of sending emails. I can set this in the software from 60 to 3000+ per hour.

My guess is it will be closer to 60 then 3000 and I doubt I will ever have a number of subscribers that high to send in 1 list (the software uses, as I will do, different lists per subject to sign up for)

I can also set a bandwidth limit, but I don’t think that will be an issue, since all Newsletters, even HTML, are just text, so will always be small.

To be clear, I am on a shared server.

Thanks, Ron

100 recipients per hour is the standard limit. It can be raised if you contact DreamHost support with details on how and where you keep your subscription and opt-in logs.