Email Names?


I ran a search about this but the thread I was looking at was over a year old. I’m trying to switch my company from a very limited and expensive web/email host to the much friendlier dreamhost. When I set up new email addresses for my company domain, it assigns it some funky username like m123456. This presents a major problem since my company has over 200 email users. This would present a very daunting task if I had to manually change each person’s email client to reflect their assigned username. Is there a way I can change this name to reflect what I would like?
I’m aware of the trick of creating a user with the name I would like as each user is automatically assigned an email address, but I run into the problem of the user already being taken. Most of my companies email addresses are very simple. Such as or so I’m still faced with the task of changing over 200 people’s settings on 200 different machines. I would just email them their new username, but most of our employees aren’t even close to being computer experts. They’re lucky if they can turn it on and open Excel… Please help!


This thread has a recent update from Josh on user@domain usernames for POP/IMAP…

Looks like after a false start awhile ago, it may be available in another month or so…



Just subscribed and I’m already appalled by the mail section of the control panel. All the shared hosting providers I’ve encountered allow you to login with user@domain as the username. Or at least specify the mailbox name. So all this time, people have had to jot down or memorize their m12345 usernames just to access their e-mail via POP? Nevermind that this doesn’t apply to webmail, I find it a big step backwards in terms of convenience. People tolerate this limitation?


I emailed support and all I got back was an email saying “we’re working on it”. This is a big deterrent and when I told my boss about the limitation, he wanted to make full use of the money back guarantee. I talked him out of it but I’m still faced with this problem. When I asked support why they’d use this type of email naming system in the 1st place, they responded “We are different.” I don’t know if they realize this, but to many people including myself, this is different in a bad way. They lack this feature that every other web host seems to have. So how about it DH? Your users are asking for this “feature”…