Email names

Is there a way to change the email ‘name’ from the assigned m2442323 (for example) to a user name For example, now I have to use m2442323 in my email client with my password to retrieve email. Someone else set up some email accounts for me here (in past) and was able to change the m2442323 on the ‘spork’ so that it appears as NeilV (for example). Ideas?

The m9999999 number is just the mailbox username which is completely transparent to sender and receiver, it’s only used to verify your identity to the mail server. So my question would be, why does it matter to you? You can specify your name and address/reply address in the mail client.

As for using a name, you might try setting up a new user. New users get a mailbox automatically, and I think you can use the name instead of the m999999 as the username to retrieve mail.


Thanks for the reply. It only mattered because I was setting up my email client and the methodology that I had used with my other ISP (the email name) did not work, and it took us more than a few minutes to realize that we needed to use the Mxxxxxxx name. I was able to use the Squirrel mail with the actual user name (not Mxxxxxxx) so I was preplexed. Until I figured it out. Is dreamhost the only ISP that does it that way? Anyway, you’re right. It does not matter except insofar as if I ever needed to set up a look at the email through a netscape email client, I’d have to remember the Mxxxxxxxx name or check the account to recall them.

It is the way M* mailboxes are created, which is different to a user mail box (user created through your panel)

I, like a number of dreamhost users would like to see the m* mailboxes be aliased to be username@doman and the user mailboxes be considered unique to a domain rather than all sites hosted on the machine but I not seen Dreamhost suggest that they are working on correcting this limitation.