Email moved without adequate notice

Is DH doing this to other long time DH customers? Of course everything email is broken on a Monday morning. This is only the second such move of my account in as many months. The first one was just about as f’d up.

6 AM EST I get the following:

Hey Thomas!


This message is to let you know that we are moving your mail service and mailboxes to a new server. We apologize for the lack of notice, but this move was necessary to insure stability and increase the performance of your mail service.

What does this mean to you? Hopefully nothing! PLEASE READ THIS FULL MESSAGE though, as it may help you fix any problems that come up as a result of the move. These are the most common problems that we’re seeing after accounts have been moved.


If you are hosting your DNS outside of DreamHost, or have your mail being processed by an outside spam filtering service, you will need to update your DNS records to point to the new server. If you don’t do this, your mail will attempt to be delivered to your old mail server and delivery will fail. You can see what your new mail MX records are by going to the ‘Mail’->‘Custom MX’ section of your web panel and clicking ‘edit’ for the domain in question.
You will see your new MX record at the bottom of the next page. Just update that where you’re hosting your DNS or with your mail filtering service and you will be all set.

FILTERING (Advanced Users)

If you had custom forwarding/filtering set up via a .procmail (filtering) or .forward (forwarding) file, or you read your mail through a program like Pine or Mutt, you will need to make some changes for that to continue to work correctly. Your mailbox is no longer tied to your shell/ftp user, so it will no longer be processed by those files in your users home directory. You will need to visit the ‘Mail’->‘Message Filters’ section of the web panel to configure your filters now. You can either set up all your filters via that interface, or if you need more control over your filters you can set all mail for a given address to forward to a shell account. If you choose the latter, we have more specific details on how to set that up here:

That’s it really… and again, we really apologize for the abrupt nature of this move!

The Happy DreamHost Email Moving Team

What did this break?

Going on five hours without the ability to receive any email. I was told email sent to me was being bounced, refused or queued depending on the status of my move.

That makes it sound like MX records haven’t updated. Sounds like this was an unplanned move, and if the MX records weren’t updated ahead of time, or the TTL wasn’t set low enough, incoming mail would bounce. It sure sounds like a bigger deal than the email made it sound, especially the part about the mail move meaning nothing.

Did you submit a support ticket? It’d be interesting to hear their response.

The same thing seems to have happened to my email, with nothing new showing up in the mailbox since 10:30 AM (Eastern). No response yet to my support request.

DH eventually did respond to my repeated requests and “fixed” whatever was broken due to the move.

I don’t have any response from them yet, nor any new mail appearing.

Same thing happened to us yesterday. I have a copy of everything being forwarded to a gmail account and all of my messages are showing up there right on time. But in my Dreamhost account, messages are missing or are arriving hours later. And some are being bounced back (even when a copy hits gmail just fine). Support ticket submitted, no response yet.

The last email I got in my Dreamhost account - on time - was the one telling me they were moving the server. Very frustrating.

they screwed me as well. the only notice i got was a two hours ago AFTER the accounts were moved and for the past hour i haven’t been able to retrieve any mail because the server keeps rejecting my password… and my accounts are hosted on dreamhost (no custom MX records)