Email missing from inbox / archived emails?

I received 3 emails over the last 20 days from DH about the archival of messages. 10/18 said 104 emails archived. 10/11 said 101 emails archived. 10/7 said 5138 emails archived.

I have no emails prior to 4/23 of this year in my inbox.

My archive (old-messages) has 31 emails from 2020, 1 email from 2019, 6 emails from 2016, and 1065 emails from 2010-2013.

I’m not that good at math, but those numbers don’t add up. In theory, if they never added messages to the archive before (they have, I’ve looked some up previously), I should have had at least 5343 emails in my archive. Looks like DH has deleted those emails during their “archive” process. I’ve already opened a ticket, but has anyone experienced this? I need to know if I need to jump hosts for email purposes. That’s a lot of super… super important email. I realize I could have mitigated it by not trusting the email provider with my email, but I trusted the email provider with my email because in 22 years of doing this stuff I’ve never had a host delete my emails before.

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