Email mirroring and forwarding


I’m still in the process of getting everything set up with my account and finding email a bit confusing.

I’ve got a couple of domains set up to mirror a fully hosted domain. I’ve also set up those domains to mail mirror the first domain which, as I understand means any addresses set up for the main domain will also work with the mirror domains. However, it doesn’t seem to mirror the forwarding-only addresses on the main domain. I would like to be able to set up a few alternative addresses that forward to the same mailbox, but I can’t see how to get them to work across the mirror domains. At the moment I just get a bounce with ‘User unknown in virtual alias table’.

Is there any way I can do this?

Thanks very much


Edited to Death, as I totally misunderstood the original post - please see my follow-up post. :frowning:



I must have been having a “slow” night, as I just “blanked” in my first response to your post.

I now understand that you set up the mail mirroring via the custom MX section of the panel, so please disregard my earlier confusion.

I have often found that real mailboxes go “live”, and begin to work much quicker than forwarded addresses. I do not know why this is, but on many occasions my forwarded addresses continued to bounce for up to a full day after my “real” mailboxes were receiving mail. I am not aware of anything that would stop forwarding-only addresses to not work on mail-mirrored domains, and suggest waiting a bit longer to see if the “go live”.

It couldn’t hurt to contact support, if the forward-only addresses continue to bounce.

Remember: Domains with custom mx records, junk mail filters or that mail mirror another domain cannot be mirrored.

Again, Please forgive my confusion in my first response :wink:


That makes sense. At the moment I reverted it back to seperate domains so that the addresses would all work, but I’ll set up the mirrors again and give it a while to sort itself out this time.

Thanks very much.