Email Migration?

Hey Dreamhost folks,

I was wondering, what kind of email migration options would our client have if they came to you? We’ve got a client that’s currently got a local maintained server that they no longer want to deal with, and we figure migration to Dreamhost might be a great way to do it, but we’re looking for a way to keep their IMAP accounts intact.

Is there an easy way to do this right now?

I never tried, but there’s this software :

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Just open up Thunderbird (or any IMAP client) and have both accounts set up. Just drag the mail from old to new.

Nice and simple :).

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If we’re migrating domains to the site, it’s not quite that simple, but yes, that’s possible.

As far as I know, DH does not provide any “migration tools” per se, though you have a lot of options available to you because you have shell access at DH.

“Easy” is a relative term - what is easy to one might be very difficult for another. You might find some useful information in this DreamHost Wiki article on Importing Email. Good Luck!