Email logins and addresses


I searched the forum and haven’t found a satisfactory answer so here goes.

How come the Dreamhost systems don’t allow someone to login to check mail using their email address as the username (other than webmail of course) if it’s associated with a mailbox account? The email address is definitely going to be unique. It’s just confusing to users when they have this totally separate username from their email address. I know about making accounts so it’s not mXXXXXXX, but that’s only a little better.


I believe it is going to be changed soon. It says so in item 1 of this newsletter. :smiley:



Is this still coming as that newsletter is a year and a half old?


I think that might be the problem. It would look as if it has been put on the back burner.



As I understnad it’s hasn’t been put on the back burner, it’s just proving more difficut to implement than they thought. Apparnetly when they set up the E-mail system they didn’t think the funky login would be a problem. Now that they have probably millions of addresses using that system it’s a bit difficut to get everything converted over in a satisfactory manner.

I think that this had been put on the back buner a while ago - in 04 when it proved to difficut/impossible to accomplish. With this latest upgrade to debian sarge, it was supposed to be made a lot easier… but not easy enough I guess.

There was a post in this fourm somwhere a couple of mohtns ago when jeff (one of the dreamhost honchos) said it was their most voted for sigguestion. So they know it’s an issue for their cusomters, and are working on it. But it never hurts to pester and remind them a litle. So vote for the sigguestion, or let support know how you feel.



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