Email Login refused


I cannot access my email, neither using an email client nor using the webmail. The password is rejected.

What makes it strange is that I cannot access but I can access the with the same username/password.

Anybody is aware of this issue and knows how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!!!



Same here. I’ve set up and re-set up both my email account and client several times and it all looks correct according to the Wiki.


Are you allowing a suitable time for it to be set up across the DreamHost network? Sometimes you need a day or two for the action of creating a new mail account to be enabled.

For the username have you tried both the mail username, if set up first, or the m1234567 and the password created for the email account?

To others: I see DreamHost have updated to the newer 1.4.6 version Squirrel!



Now it works for me. It just seems to take more time for the emails than for the mailbox configuration page.