Email Login Page


I haven’t worked with anything webpage related in about 15 years, so prepare for a barrage of very odd questions over the next week or two while I try not to mangle stuff I’m working on.

The first thing I’ve done here is somehow managed to get a few email addresses set up for the page I will hopefully have up here in a while. My question is this- can I change that totally blank login page background? And if that is possible, how do I do this? I have decided to go with the http:// address because it seemed to give more access to the people I’ve given email addresses to, but the page itself is just a solid white wall of boring with a box for a username and another for the password.

I’m almost one hundred percent sure that there is a way to get in and change the background and the buttons, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to do it.

Thanks, and stand by for more woefully sad questions. :slight_smile:
Ah never mind, I found what I was looking for sort of.


And I can replace that squirrel picture with whatever I want. I’m sure if I poke around enough I can probably figure out how to change the background and buttons…

There are quite a number of things that you can change via squirrel mails preferences. But you can’t make changes beyond what’s available there without installing your own copy. (as the page banner in the wiki says this for advanced users, it’s more than a few simple clicks, and you are responsible for your own updates and security.) What you are using by default is a shared installation of squirrel mail that dreamhost maintains.