Email log in still not working


Set up email accounts with very simple name /password combos yesterday and still can’t get in.

Says bad login password, but I know for a fact this is not true.



When you say simple names, are these new users? Or are these just mail accounts that use the mXXXXXX usernames? A “bad login password” could also be the result of not using the proper username.

Are you trying Webmail? Which mail client? POP? IMAP?



hope this does not show up twice. I’m having a little trouble getting my replies to stick

I am 100% sure my username /password combos are correct.

I’m using squirl mail and its not letting me in.


Is your browser accepting cookies from and Have you tried both of those?

Try clearing cookies and cache and trying again?

Mailnames are not case sensitive, but their passwords ARE.


SquirrelMail logins are pretty foolproof, so if it’s not working for you, there’s probably something wrong.

Logging a support request couldn’t hurt. You can always revoke the request if it starts working for you.



I am having the same problem and I have been without email now for over 9 hours. I have logged a ticket twice and on both occasions they have verified that there was a problem but then declared it solved later on. I can’t send or receive email and squirrel isn’t working for me either.

I signed on with dreamhost about 3 days ago and the domain transfer for the hosting was completed yesterday, so I hope this is just an early teething problem. Very occasionally it will connect but then 30 seconds later its all blocked. Its been quite a frustrating day!

Edit: it was all working fine yesterday and for the first couple of hours today.