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I have a music website with each original song on its own page. I have an email link for those who want to make a comment or critique. My question is…how can I set it up so that when the link goes to the user’s email page, their subject line is already filled in with the specific song title? My URL is Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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To add entry in the “Subject” field ?subject=Subject Field Text

see example below:


Be really careful with this - use a special address because you’ll get abused.



Wholly is right, it won’t take long and you will get spammed so bad you will need spamdex. lol.
Seriously, you will get abused. You are better off creating a web form and allow it to check for abuse before the message gets sent to your email program. Besides a web form is really more convenient for your users as long as they are not too limited in what they need to tell you. A word of warning, allowing a user to change the subject line can be used against you.
I ended up not using headers at all and placed all the header info into the message and the form used default headers so I knew it came from my website.

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Damn fine advice there. That way you can filter nicely.



Thank you.
I suppose I should clarify about the subject line though. I found out that a spammer can include an entire html email in the subject line.

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