Email limits?

As I understand it, a user on a Dreamhost account can not post to more than 100 addresses every hour, or some such thing.

I want to put together a site for an organic food ordering co-op. This is membership based, and I want to be able to email the members about the status of their orders as deadlines approach, as they place orders, as orders arrive. This is likely to blow this email limit. Is there any way around this limitation?

The limit for CGI-generated email is actually 200 per hour. There is more information about the quota, and how is works at

–DreamHost Tech Support

Actually I think I can work around this limit. If the two or three cron jobs in question run in the wee hours, and have a sleep (30seconds) between each email, then they may run for a couple of hours, but they will not fall foul of the spam trap.