Email limits

I currently have hosting with another company, and they limit each account to 350 emails/hour. While this is more than enough if applied as an average, I operate several large legitimate mailing lists for several clubs at my school and sometimes need to send out 1000 emails to advertise an event. This is usually once a week, which averages to about 6 emails an hour.

Does Dreamhost have any similar restrictions?


DreamHost Wiki - SMTP Quota

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Sounds like an Announce List would suit (no limits!)

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Though announce list is unlimited, is it still restricted by SMTP quota?

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Here is the link to the Wiki page again:

And it goes over the different methods: SMTP, SMTP by DH webmail, Postfix sendmail (CGI/PHP), and Announcement Lists.

[code]"DreamHost “Announce Lists” (configured via our control panel): unlimited recipients per hour

  • Max recipients per message: unlimited
  • Max message size: 40MB (encoded)
    [/code]How exactly is that not clear?

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I need more reading :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought announce list ended up sending emails by SMTP. I’ll read more to understand the difference between SMTP and announce list.

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The difference is that to post to a DH Announcement List you have to use the Web Panel or the API. Thus you aren’t using SMTP or Postfix sendmail to send the message; the DH backend does instead of one of your users or mailboxes. That’s why Announcement List can be separate from the other methods. And SMTP is used for both sending and transfering messages. A message gets sent first then transfered. And again the Wiki page is discussing methods of sending, not transfering.

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The underlying reason is that SMTP limits will bottleneck a potential spam attack. Announce and Discussion lists are double-opt in, so it’s highly unlikely that someone will receive spam from one of those lists, thus no reason to bottleneck the mail delivery.


That clears my doubt. Thank you Scott and Atropos.

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