Email limit

I have an email contact list of only 91 people i need to get a message to urgently and DH won’t send it. I was led to believe the limit was 100. so I am dividing my list and it still won’t send. have to wait an hour to try again each time. Soooo frustrated!

Please submit a ticket to our support team with your specific details so they can look into that for you. Thanks!


How many emails can we send everyday ?

Thank you.

Our default SMTP limit for regular/webmail accounts is 100 recipients per hours. For FTP/shell accounts on shared, the limit is 200 recipients per hour; for VPS/dedicated it is unlimited.

More detailed info here:

Sorry, can you confirm that when we are on dedicated we can send as many emails as we want ? Is it new ?

Thanks again.

Unlimited recipients per hour is for FTP/shell mail accounts. From the wiki I pasted above:

[quote]FTP/shell accounts on VPS and dedicated servers (sending using scripts via PHP/CGI, etc.): unlimited recipients per hour
Max recipients per message: unlimited
Max message size: 40MB (encoded)[/quote]