Email keeps asking for password



My email app keeps asking for my email password, it says the popserver rejected the password?

I’ve setup may accounts and they’ve been working fine for weeks, now this happens, no matter how many times I enter the correct email password it still ask for it to be entered every time it check the accounts

any ideas?




I saw the same thing here a little while ago (Outlook 2003 / WinXP), after a few minutes it seems to have corrected itself.

I think maybe the email servers are having a few problems. I would advise you to leave your settings as-is and see if it comes good on its own.


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thanks I’ll just sit tight then. if its not better by tomorrow I’ll post again.


If it’s not working in an hour or so (and you haven’t changed your configuration), it probably wouldn’t hurt to lodge a support request and let DreamHost know.


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Nup… still getting the same problem.

Will lodges a support request.


I’ve been getting this problem as well, its extremely annoying.


what email client & version?


I think I spoke too early :frowning:

The problem has not totally corrected itself. Outlook 2k3 pops up a password dialog every 10 (or so) attempts at accessing the mail server. Clicking OK on this dialog results in a successful log-in.

I can only guess that one (or more) mail servers are a little slow to respond, resulting in some mail clients timing-out.


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We’re receiving the same problem on all of our email addresses hosted on Dreamhost. Is it a server problem?


i’m guessing your email is down… you probably can send but not receive email (or both sending and receiving is down). any time i’ve had that issue when it keeps asking me for a password is when the incoming mail server is down, but i’ve usually always been able to send mail.


Nope. Email isn’t down. After the password request email downloads just fine. It just asks for it every 5-10 minutes instead of caching the password correctly. I’m running Outlook on WinXP and have never had the problem before until this past weekend when it started. It doesn’t hinder workflow, but it is kinda annoying.


There was a corrupted email configuration file that was causing this intermittent password dialog for some users. The configuration file is being regenerated.


I’ve been having the same issues. 3:35pm EST.



The problem is still occuring for me, albeit not as frequently as yesterday. Any idea of when the issue will be totally resolved?


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I am still getting errors as well.


Thanks Michael.

We moved our domain over here over the weekend, so we have experienced this since the start (bad timing!).

From the thread it looks like it is only impacting some of the customers/servers. Do you need an individual support request for our domain, or is Dreamhost aware of the specific impacted customers?



I get this error intermittently, too.

I’m using Apple’s Mail app, build 2.0.7 (746.2/750).


I’m still getting this as well on a bunch of user accounts. Tried removing and adding account info to no avail.

Both Mac Mail and WinXP Outlook 2003 machines are having issues.


From DreamHost Status:
Mail Authentication Issues
Mail Authentication Issues Resolved

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