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Could I have an opinion please, I’ve enabled junk mail filtering from my control panel. Firstly, is this thought to be good enough nowadays, or is it still best to go down the procmail route discussed in the wiki? I used to run my own mdaemon server with the spam catcher set to high and I can see that we are now getting more spam let through to inboxes via dreamhost.

Some effects I don’t quite understand. The junk mail filtering is working, moving spam into the webmail junk folsers of various mail accounts. However when you view the account with thunderbird imap, the junk folder appears empty. I tried un-subscribing and subscribing again but they still don’t show unless you look via webmail.

Also, some email accounts, although they have a junk folder showing in webmail which has junk in it, will not even show up in an imap client with the “subscribe” feature, i.e. it is as if there is no junk folder even though webmail proves there is.

Thanks. By the way my domain move to DH went ultra smoothly, in fact within about an hour of changing the nameservers it was all sorted.

Let me first say that I honestly believe that DreamHost is one of the best, if not THE best, web hosts around. That said…

Not allowing us to view the junk folder in our e-mail clients is one of the STUPIDEST things I have ever heard of. I’d really like to know DreamHost’s reason for this setup. There may be a very good reason, although I can’t think of any. There is currently a suggestion to allow us to access the junk mail folder through IMAP. I sure hope DreamHost does this soon. I’d also like them to enable IMAP in their PHP build.


Enabling imap clients to see the junk mail would be great. And it would save Dreamhost disk space as they would get emptied more often in many cases.

I’m going to suggest it through control panel, hopefully others will too.

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