Email issues with Dreamhost webmail account



I set up the webmail for my domain, using just the vanilla Dreamhost webmail account (no forwarding to gmail or custom MX records). No problem sending emails to my personal gmail and yahoo accounts, either through the Dreamhost SquirrelMail panel or through Drupal on my site.

Trouble is, all emails sent to this account from my gmail and yahoo accounts fail with “554 554 5.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied (state 14)”. Worse, when I sent an email from Dreamhost account to itself (via the SquirrelMail panel) the email didn’t come through or even send an error messsage. It just disappeared into the ether, apparently.

Any suggestions on how to resolve my n00b problem would be greatly appreciated. I took a look at the forums but couldn’t anything specifically on this.



try one more time to send an email to yourself via SquirrelMail again. If the email disappears again then open a support ticket via the panel, because that should work. I suggest trying it one more time in case your account hadn’t fully configured yet, but you message was 18 hours ago now which should be plenty of time if that was your problem.