Email Issues - Non DH Domain

I currently have my domain registered through another company. I have been having email issues with them, and some of my customers are unable to reply to the email I just sent to them. I think the issue resolves around email coming from non-static IPs, but so many small businesses don’t use static IPs due to the cost.

Has anyone experienced any issues with DH email being rejected when using DH?

Thanks for your replies.

Send mails from your ISP is really not advised.

Somes block use of port 25 (at least by default), but also many filter them as spam.

You should use an external smtp server, from your isp.
Dreamhost also have an smtp server you can use with login.

If you have an internal smtp server, use your it as a relay to your ISP smtp.

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I use the smtp server for my domain (eg… that is provided by the company that registered my domain. They offer me one free email address (I have a small business).

My issue is that their mail server settings appear to be pretty strict and is bouncing emails that are being sent to me (even as a reply to my email). I spoke to their tech support who indicated that they are tight due to spam (obviously) and that it likely was the non-static IP causing the email to be bounced.

I want to know that if I switch to DH, will email that is being sent to me be filtered if it comes from a source that does not have a static IP. Its not worth switching hosts if this does/will not solve my problem.


Firstly, I will state that I have had no problems with mail from my DreamHost accounts being blocked, but I tend to use my ISPs SMTP server for sending, I find this leads to less problems of this type.

I am not sure DreamHost would be the ideal solution to your problem, as there are often reports here on the forums of mail from the DreamHost mail servers being blocked. This is invariably caused by the mail servers somehow being placed on blacklists and it sometimes takes a while for DreamHost to have their mail servers removed from the lists.

If mail is really important to you, I think you should seriously look into obtaining your mail services from a company that specializes in providing only mail services, there are quite a few of these around and they are generally not too expensive.

Edit: I just re-read your post and I know see that you are concerned about incoming mail, not outgoing, being blocked, I don’t think you will have that particular problem at DreamHost, but I still advise you to have a serious look at a dedicated email service.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into the dedicated email hosting option.

I do not have problem with my email.

But there are some known issues between DH and Hotmail. If you sent email from webmail panel, the email may be considered as spam. The solution is to send email through outlook express. You may want to refer to wiki

You can try out DH email by signing up an account. If it is not suitable for you, you can always ask for a refund in 97 days as what DH guarantees.

If you feel uncomfortable with DH, you should follow mark’s suggestion to look for a dedicated email service.

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