Email issues IMAP

Hello, I am new to dreamhost having just switched our company’s hosting and email over. Ever since we have switched we have had constant problems getting email. The primary one is something along the lines of “Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections)”. I thought for a while it was just a Mac Mail issue but it is also happening on an Mac using Entourage 2008. It usually resolves itself on the individual machines but then often comes back.
Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this? The support person I chatted with was no help at all.

I’ve not seen that error reported here before.

Are you using one email address with many people accessing the same email box? The error message seems to indicate that the same user is logging in multiple (and too many) times from the same IP.

Also have you opened a ticket? If so, and you learn more about this… please let us know here as well.