Email issue



I put this here in the WordPress section, but I do not believe it is a WordPress issue.

For some reason now suddenly any automated email send from my WordPress blog is not sent or with a delay of a few days.

E.g. if I create a new member manually neither he/she gets the standard email which includes the user/pwd or me as admin get the new member registered email.

Also any plugin that sends out automated emails, they also do not arrive.

I have had the same blog for years and have changed nothing in the settings.

This happened before a few months ago and then suddenly the emails were sent again, but now no more emails.

Any manually sent emails works fine.

The emails are also NOT in the webmail. I do not use that, but checked just in case.

The first time it happened I sent a support message, but they could not find anything wrong and then suddenly all worked again.

I have the same setup on a secondary server as extra testing (not DH) and all emails are sent with no problems.

The strange part is that it comes and goes, so changing any settings (which have been the same for years) will not solve this, since I am sure the settings are fine.


Is your site sending out a lot of emails? My two thoughts are that either you’re sending out ‘too many’ emails and being throttled by our system, or that your site is just really busy and lagging.


No, the only emails that get sent automated are when I manually sign up new members. Last time a few days ago that was 2 people so 4 emails. 2 for me and each new member one. Non of them have arrived yet.
Even with a new website I was testing out yesterday, a clean wordpress a plugin that has the option to report an error does not send an email when on DH, but when I try exactly the same clean new wordpress blog on a different server (not DH) the emails get sent.

So it is not only my main WP site that is running long time now, but also a clean install on an other domain.


Those are the only automated emails, but are you sending out lots of emails? is what came to mind.


No, I might send at the most an average of 5 emails per day and that includes the automated ones and they are all just text, maybe sometimes a small attachment of 20-50kb.
The average is maybe 2-3 days nothing and then 10 emails in one day (is one hour), when added the new members to the blog, whom have bought my Files Forever files.

So basically I send maybe 30-50 automated emails per month for the new members whom bought a Files Forever from me (these are sent one by one) and only manually email when a member contacts me with a problem or for whatever reason.

I do not ever send out any unsollicitated email or Spam.

All manual emails arrive the moment they are sent to me or when I send them (did a test).
The problem is with the automated emails sent from within WordPress.


You have a mailing list on one of your accounts, but that wouldn’t affect this.

The most likely scenarios are

  1. The server you’re on is too busy and is delaying emails in order to process everything else (manual email trumps PHP email)

  2. Your domain is somehow caught as spam/blacklisted. You can check at

  1. I just got a server change about 10 days ago and the website is faster now on the new server. But then this email problem is on both servers (old and new) which seems unlikely, but your the expert.

  2. just checked the domain and all come out OK, with 3-4 timeouts.

Anyway it is the domain which have the mailing list on it. Not the domain that has this forums email address.
But still the mailing list has 75 email on it and I hardly ever send a newsletter. 5 newsletters in about 5 years I have this domain


We count mailing lists separately :wink:

Just because we moved your web server doesn’t mean we moved your email server… but that makes no sense that some emails would be delayed. pondering bounderhoods I looked at your plugins on your site.

You have 16 out-of-date plugins that should be updated, first of all, not to mention you’re on WP 3.3.2 (that’s a full release back, and rife with issues). You also have wp-cron-dashboard, and I would make sure that’s not delaying anything. WordPress’s cron tools are tetchy at best.

Do you have any non WP email forms? We may need to test with a phpmailer form, just to see if that gets delayed too (which would mean it’s not WP), or if it is just WordPress emails:


I agree I need to update the WordPress and plugins, but I want to make of the website a full copy on an other domain I have and test all the updates first, since I have read that the new WP updates could break many things and I have edited many php files. Just been a little busy lately to do that.

But this does NOT explain why the same problem is on the fresh newly (2 days ago) installed WP has the same problem on a different domain.

Anyway as I suspected what would happen has happened, same as what happened before.

NOW after a few days of this problem all emails arrive instantly again.
It has now no use now for me to check the PHPMailer, since the problem is gone for now.
I do not use any non WP email forms or automated mailers, but it would be nice to see if that has the same problem.

Guess until next time, maybe some things just can not be expained and need to be accepted.

At least now I know of this problem, so when I need to send my new Files Forever customers there user/pwd, in addition of the automated email I will send them a manually sent copy just to be sure they got what they paid for.

If you would like to continue to investigate this, let me know and as soon as when it happens again I will update here or send you a PM (or support towards you personally, if that is possible)

Thank you for everything and best regards, Ron


I’m having the (same) problem of people not receiving their complete-your-registration email from WordPress. I have WP blogs via DH on 5 different domains; this is the first for which I am allowing public registration.

I am not sending voluminous emails (in fact I am not sending any emails through MX or sendmail). I have had 3 registrations and am waiting for the 2nd and 3rd emails to show up.



There is a good chance the late emails will never come or in a few days, both can happen in my experience.

I also noticed something else now when the emails do come in some just come in normal and others get the [SPAM] put in front of it. I have no spam filter running of any kind and I use Thunderbird as my email software.
These sign up email are sent by even though that email address those not exist. I created it 5 minutes ago and maybe that will help with this problem.

There is also an other thread running on DH-forums in which is stated by a DH-co-worker that they had a 2 million spam messages that delayed the sending of messages. Maybe it has/had something to do with that and wordpress signup emails are considered spam for DreamHost and therefore not delivered.

I am just guessing here, but I am happy I am not the only one with this issue.



I tried your idea of the ‘wordpress’ alias email and that didn’t work (sigh). Registrations have attempted to go to a PC using Thunderbird and on a Mac using Mail; a customer registered with gmail. No messages delivered to ‘Spam’ or ‘Trash’.

I hope someone has a solution- otherwise it renders my blog unusable! Any ideas anybody?
Thanks for your assistance.


Yes, all the things I tried are all not helping. Today I created 6 new members (Paying customers from Files Forever sales) and I did not get the new member signup emails. So I have to presume that the new 6 members also did not get their access username/password.
Thankfully I have their email addresses from the Files Forever sales, so I can email them manually.

Maybe they will arrive later today or in a few days or never.

I know it is not my blog error in an way, since ActiveCanvas has the same issue and on a clean WP install it also happens.

EXTRA (5 minutes later = about 30 minutes after creating the new members):
The member I created the last, YES THE LAST, I just got the email with the lovely [SPAM] in front of it.

EXTRA EXTRA (15 minutes later = about 40 minutes after creating the new members):
2 more emails came through with the lovely [SPAM] in front of it.
3 more to go, they are coming in from last to first.

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA (1 hour later = about 90 minutes after creating the new members):
No more emails have come through.
Needed to create 2 more new members, but also no emails received.
So at this point 3 out of 8 emails have been received.


Just an other EXTRA …
Just now 5 hours later after the previous two emails came in 3 more arrived and yes also with the [SPAM] attached.
The fun part is that the timestamp is from 7+ hours ago


Yes I see the same thing where my Admin notifications of a new registration come through, but hours later; the customer notifications still do not come through.

It would do me no good to send a manual email, because 1) there is a password assigned for which the Admin (me) is not privy, and b) it should be immediate to the customer as they are ready to engage. We know how important it is to allow someone to act when they are ready!

Does not DH monitor these forums? I have not heard anything from them.

The notification timestamp being 7 hours old when received means that they are being generated in real time but there is a delivery delay somewhere. Since all emails are delayed, I surmise that the delay is somewhere with DH.

DH, what is the problem, what is the solution? My customers are waiting and wondering about the service!


We had email issues:

Sorry, I only monitor the forums Monday through Friday.


DH reports to me that the issue is the SMTP limitation on DH user (site hostname).

The suggested solution is to create a separate user for each domain (or at least the domains that generate the most SMTP mail). I’m implementing that now and will see whether that fixes the problem.


I think nothing will fix the problem.
DH is GREAT and the best I had in 20-25 years of hosting (since April 2006).
So their email sucks. That is why they promote to get GMAIL.

ActiveCanvas, let it rest is peace, no way to win!
HOSTING is great, but emails are DH weak point and after many years with them now finally it also has me.
I can live with this unsolvable problem, because I have my members email address and I create their pwd.

Sorry for your situation, but I give up.
I can do without - automated - WordPress - , since I have my customers emails addresses and until sending a direct email becomes a problem I can handle this not perfect email system from DH.
They have been PERFECT for me for 6.5 years and well I GUESS I will have to learn to live with this small in-perfection from now on.


For those asking about SMTP, we have a Quota System that I can see being problematic for a site with a lot of active signups. Every time someone signs up, you send two emails, so if 50 people register within an hour, this might be what’s going on :confused:


Thanks for the report DH- of course I’m on the affected server.

And we have 5 people trying to sign up over a week- not 50 people per hour. The SMTP limitations are not the issue. I have this domain on its own DH user now and the problem persists.

Unlike ronthai, my website cannot live with this problem. We cannot release the site to the general public until this is resolved. Please help with a real solution!!