Email Issue Persists

Hello all!

I can log onto to webmail to send and receive emails but my mobile email app and my desktop Outlook are both not working. I’ve checked all the incoming and outgoing details and they are correct unless they have been changed. Any thoughts? I sincerely appreciate any advice!

Read through the first tweet

Thank you.

Yeah. After the status page said “ALL IS FIXED! EVERTHING IS FINE!” none of my clients were still able to get or send email.

Filed a ticket and got this reply:
We found your IP was being blocked for failed login attempts. The block
has been removed. Please try connecting again.

(indeed and now all is working again)

I am guessing every single customer who left clients trying to connect during the outage now has one or several IP blocks and therefore will continue to not be able to get mail until they file a ticket.

Would be great if DH would post this info in the status update or tweets or whatever - like “if you still have email connection issues please lodge a ticket as we may need to clear your IP address”.

Of course it would be even smarter if they just cleared any blocks that were set during the outage, but that’d be too proactive and intelligent probably.

You filed a ticket and got a reply? I’ve had one in the hopper for 48 hours now and crickets.

Yep. Must say despite frustrations like this one, I’ve always got replies on tickets pretty quickly. Might try filing another - maybe they were swamped with the whole fiasco?