Email is gone

I logged into my email via the webmail thing, and every single email I have recently have, every email in my old-message folder, along with every setting I had for the webmail system is gone. I haven’t logged in, in the last few days, but wanted to know if maybe this has happened to others… or maybe it hates me… :frowning:

This appears to have happened to me too :frowning:

What is interesting is that for me in the Control Panel, under Disk Usage / Disk Usage By Address, I have email accounts listed twice – once with “no address (name)” and correct disk/file usage, and once with “email@address” with 0 file usage.

My guess is that webmail/MAPI is connecting to the latter, resulting in an “empty” mailbox. Hopefully the first indicates the data is still there somewhere…

Not sure if it is related or not but I received an email on November 5 that my account was being moved to a new server. I wonder if there was an issue moving the corresponding mailboxes.

Opened a support ticket 4 hours ago – no response yet.

Yeah, this happened to me too…in addition to all my sites being down and a lot of my directories missing after the migration.