Email is down again

Nobody in our office can send or receive email right now. We’ve been offline for almost an hour. We’re on Spork. I hope someone is aware of this and is doing something to fix it.

We’re on spork too, and unable to access mail here as well.

Squirrel Mail gives this error:
ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.

Thunderbird isn’t connecting either, of course.

I just put in a support request through the dreamhost panel.


Add me to the list…
Was actually getting my mail about 20 mins ago when Apple Mail took my accounts offline…
Tried webmail got the same Connection dropped by imap-server message…

spork is back up

Of course it’s back up - I JUST put in a support request saying it was down - LOL! Some kind of perverse Murphy’s Law at work here.


thank you!