Email is delayed?

Hey, i was wondering if anyone having difficulty with their email being delayed.

I have had people say they sent and email at 3:00 pm and the recipient has a time stamp on the email of 4:30 pm but received it at 5:00 pm

Is anyone else having this problema and if you are/did how did you fix it?

I think its a dreamhost thing, I’ve seen posts about ‘email issues’ and delays - spam filters and mail server based anti-virus don’t help things.

I know mail to my domain seems to be delayed some times (things like registrations for sites and stuff I notice most)

I don’t think you can’t do anything about it unfortunately, except perhaps complain to DH.

It’s definitely a DH thing but it might be out of their hands, too. All depends on how much spam their network’s being hit with… their servers still have to process every single spam email.

On a slightly related note, anyone getting “too many hops” errors when sending to a dreamhost address? I can send mail out just fine from that address. But sending mail to the address from elsewhere bounces.

I’ve had numerous occasions where I won’t get mail for a few weeks, and then I’ll get slammed with hundreds all on one day.

I notice that it’ll happen once I start getting a serious reduction in my daily e-mails. I’m right in the middle of one of those periods now.

I’ve turned off all my spam filters for a week now, and no difference.

I know I’ll get hit any day now with tons of mail, spam and otherwise.

I’m trying to run my website and the e-mail address I use is my business e-mail and it’s getting bad enough that I’m losing business, and I’m looking to find another host for my site.

Eh. All I’ll say is the day I switch my dreamhost addie to my primary one is the day I stop getting email at that addie. Irritating, it is.