Email (in the absence of Google Apps)

Now that Google charge for Apps, I just wondered what the easiest way of using an email account on a new domain would be.

Previously on another site it was simple enough to activate, then use this simultaneously for:

  1. Gmail interface when on a laptop etc
  2. iPhone or iPad use POP or IMAP
    with it all being synchronised to the same account.

I see these instructions for using a Dreamhost created email account to use with an email program…

But is there any way I can connect to the same account and send/receive email using the gmail interface too?


No, I’m afraid there is not. Google only provides the GMail interface for accounts at, or accounts using (paid) Google Apps.

For what it’s worth, we do offer a webmail interface as part of our mail service. You can access it at the “webmail” subdomain of your domain (e.g,

It is possible to have a Gmail account and add POP3 accounts to it.

create a Gmail account using regular old Gmail
create your email accounts in DreamHost
in Gmail to to Settings>Accounts
Look at the section “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)”

It is not perfect, but it works

Also, if you already have an existing free Google Apps account from a different domain, you can add other domains to it and create a limited amount of email accounts for that domain (while still keeping your account free)

Works well except for one thing, which is that one cannot (I think) add ‘catch-all’ addresses for the secondary domains.

If anyone has found a way to do get around that, it would be interesting.

Keep in mind that the configuration sierracircle is describing will pull mail from your DreamHost account’s inbox into GMail, and any replies you write will be sent from your GMail account. It’s useful in some situations, but it’s not a substitute for Google Apps by any means.

Ah OK thanks!

Ta, I found an option that lets you default to the pop account when replying, so this should do the trick!

When replying to a message:
() Reply from the same address to which the message was sent
(.) Always reply from default address (currently