Email identy of webmail


Recently I m getting some emails in my webmail which is sent by me!!!
suppose my web mail address is

Some one sending emails from my email ID ( to!
How it’s possible? Is any one theft my web email address & password, so he can send to me junk/spam emails using my own account!!!
If so, then how can it be prevent?



It’s usually just a forged return address:

Unless it’s actually a process on your account, which is unlikely if you’re unaware of its source.



Hi adayman,
Thanks for quick reply & help me to understand about "joe job’.
But, can u please give me short description step by step how to stop this kind of email?
Because, in that wiki, lots explanation, but no perfect solution to protect from wem mail & outlook.



You can’t stop people from using a false From: address such as yours. It’s like trying to stop someone from putting your return address on an envelope in US Mail. It’s happening outside of your reach. In this case, it’s a common tactic, so you’re not the only one with this problem.

It’s also not uncommon for spammers to set the From: to be the same as the To: in order to try to get around your spam filter.