Email Hosting


I have friend who uses Dreamhost for his website and loves the service. However, I just want email hosting for my own domain. I keep seeing that I can register my domain here and then use Google’s webmail interface, but what does that entail exactly. Do I need to buy web hosting from Dreamhost, or another of their services, or just register the domain with them? I think I am missing a piece, and want to understand exactly what I will need to do before I get started.


The piece you’re missing is DNS. Just registering here won’t get you to Google. You need to be able to edit DNS entries, which requires a hosting plan here. Or you can register here and search for your own DNS service. Some are free, but give it a look.



Or you could just register with google apps and buy the domain from them.


I didn’t know they did this. Now I do.




In this guys case, if his friend wanted to host the DNS with dreamhost, that would be free.

If he’s not wanting to HOST a website, and ONLY email, it would probably be cheaper just to purchase the domain through the google apps setup, then the DNS would be free.

But, either way.