Email hosting recommendations

My boss is a bit tired of the delays that come with spam filtering on Dreamhost. We have had to turn off spam filtering due to the delays. Now, she wants me to come up with options for other email hosts.

Does anyone have any recommendations on good email hosts (besides Google Apps for Business)?

I cannot recommend any as I use GMAIL for free and rely on DreamHost for paid. But I am not a business so any delays are not too troublesome.

There’s a few threads on these forums discussing the issue. Some users have suggested Exchange/Office365. I note Yahoo has a service called Aabaco that may suit; other players in the market are Amazon or Rackspace for instance.

I moved one of my domains’ email over to Rackspace. It’s cheaper than Google ($2/user) and works well enough, but it’s not fancy. If this was for a business, I’d go for Google ($5/per user). That’s the good email host. Office365 is the same price and would be my second choice.

Thanks for the info. I was looking at Rackspace. They may suit our needs. We don’t need anything fancy. :slight_smile:

There seems to be an unspoken assumption that if Dreamhost email is not reliable enough for your needs, then the next port of call is a specialist email provider, where you could well end up paying as much (or even much more) for email as you do for all of your shared hosting at Dreamhost.

Are most shared hosting companies as bad at / uninterested in / email as Dreamhost is?

If people overwhelmingly say so, I guess I might believe them, but I would find it strange.

I thought email was a normal part of shared hosting.

It is really weird if the advent of free gmail has persuaded the shared hosting companies that email is too expensive to do well.

Running an email server is very different to running a web server. They are completely different creatures with complete different issues, such as spam. As bad? I don’t know. As uninterested? Probably.

Answer 1: Yes, email is a normal part of shared hosting. Good email—well, that’s something else.

Answer 2: There are historical reasons for web hosting companies to offer email services—things were simpler twenty years ago. Quite frankly, I can see a day when hosting companies don’t offer email services any more. (FWIW, people have been predicting the death of email for about ten years now, but I don’t think it’s going anywere just yet.) If web hosting companies finally do give up on email services, that may provide more incentive for quality, low-cost email companies to get going. This would be a good thing, since email hosts could focus on email, and web hosts could focus on websites.

BTW, Gmail is anything but free. :wink:

I agree with @kjodle completely but must add…

Shared Hosts offering email all share a universal problem, they attract spammers as customers because it’s low cost access that is better for their spamming than the access they can try to provide by running there own server and trying to find a relay that will accept mail from a spammy server.

On the flip side, paying for business class email you’re not sharing an originating IP with spammers.

Thanks. OK, what I’m finding weird is that this conversation is only happening at Dreamhost, so far as I know. At neither of the other 2 shared hosting companies that I’m slightly familiar with (Webfaction and Gandi) is this conversation happening.

Webfaction is similarly priced to Dreamhost, and Gandi is slightly more expensive but less than double. In their customer discussion forums, there just aren’t all that many complaints about email, at least nothing like here.

The feeling there seems to be that reasonable email is just a normal part of shared hosting service.

I don’t know if how true that is, as I’ve never done email with either (nor, since 2007, with Dreamhost). I’ve been happy with legacy google apps (supposedly, I have licences for more than a thousand free email addresses there, and if they’re not really free I’d like to know why not). But I have a background nightmare that google might find a not-too-obviously-evil way of phasing out legacy google apps, and I want to know in advance what to do if that happens.

Google tracks you. They know the content of every email you send and receive. They know what you are interested in and they sell that information to advertisers to target you. You pay for Gmail with your privacy. Most users seem to be okay with this. People who are aware of this are generally willing to pay for email services.

There are two ways this usually goes:

  1. The company drops a line or two into their terms and conditions that states, since you are using the service for free, they may monetize whatever you put there. Meaning, they could put ads on it or possibly in it, or just turn around and sell what used to be your intellectual property. Dropbox did this a few years ago…which is why I don’t use Dropbox. Google is currently providing Google Classroom for free to teachers, and I am waiting for the day they decide to monetize that. All those millions of hours of work will now belong to Google, who will repackage it and sell it.

  2. The company gets bought out and the parent company decides to end the product. I can’t see this happening with Google, but then again, I didn’t see it happening with GeoCities, either…which is why I don’t use anything Yahoo has put its bony hands on.

Well it’s an interesting question. If people who are paranoid about google knowing stuff about them thought it through, they would probably have to give up using email altogether, because even if they don’t use gmail themselves, lots of their messages inevitably tend to get forwarded to or copied to people who do use gmail, allowing google to gobble information about them right up.

Anyway, to be more on topic, has anyone got experience of reasonable-quality email provided by other shared hosting companies comparable to dreamhost? is very good, it is free, but they do like donations, if possible,
They are only e-mail service, not a hosting service. Unlike the lousy e-mail service Dreamhosts offers, they are reliable.

I need to find a good hosting service that also provides reliable e-mail services to, Dreamhosts is not capable of doing that,
all though the hosting is fair,… but they can not provide decent e-mail hosting service,… time to change hosting.

Thanks. There’s an interesting thread in their discussion forum:

Feature request (2014-05-17) …i want to know if i can use openmailbox with my own custom domain.

(2014-05-17) …not possible at the moment but it will be possible very soon.
(2014-09-28) …should come out in the next weeks ( or days ).
(2014-10-19) …development will be finished soon. If you want, I can subscribe you on the beta program.
(2014-11-02) …you will be notified when the beta will be available
(2014-11-17) …probably in less than 4 weeks.
(2015-01-19) …take more time than expected …Anyway, the pricing will be really low.
(2015-09-04) We still haven’t realised it…
(2016-01-06) This is coming very shortly now.

(conversation is ongoing)

Thanks for shareing this, I was thinking about asking them today, about that, I did not think they were planning to start any kind of hosting,… I have never been on their forum, but will check that out,… I would have no problem with even helping out , in some ways,…

I’ve been looking at Fastmail when switching from Gmail this year, but the lack of flexibility in prices vs. storage size turned me off.
All I wanted was a fast IMAP host, with 5-10GB of storage, DAV for calendar and contacts and a simple fast web interface. After some testing, I’ve found ServerMX [1].
They’re EU based (.nl, .de infrastructure) [2], have SOGo for DAV and webmail (offers full size contact pictures, which is really neat for mobile phones), IMAP sync is instant and seamless over all clients (Aquamail on Android, eM Client on Windows desktop, SOGo on webmail) and all that for merely 18€ per year. Their plans are well considered IMHO if you don’t need much space [3].
Sorry if this feels like an ad, but I’ve been more then happy with their service and like to recommend it to people. They have a 30 day free trial to test the service.
[1] [2] [3]

I have to add that if anyone states that other hosts have the same issues that Dreamhost does in regards to email, then they don’t have accounts with anyone else and have no basis for comparison. I have accounts at two other providers (One everyone knows and another everyone should) to provide redundancies and to meet certain client requirements in the event that Dreamhost gets hit with another DOS attack again or something else happens. I use the email services provided by these hosts as well and I have never, yes never (2-Years and running), had the same problems that Dreamhost has. It is crazy that people are quick to say that, oh well, it’s shared hosting and email so SPAM and mail server downtime is just the norm. I, being a customer of three different hosting companies now, can tell you it is not.

Email is not the only thing Dreamhost lacks in, anyone remember how long it took for MySQL to be upgraded to 5.6?

So why am I still with Dreamhost, I feel in love with the dream of Dreamhost since 2007, they didn’t have the problems back then that they do now (not saying they were perfect but they were great IMO). I also fell in love with the features and what they offer. Didn’t get to enjoy VPS as much as I could have, but it was fun while it lasted.

Thank you for that info.

By the way, is there some rule or convention in this forum about not mentioning the names of DH competitors?

If the management and/or the majority of contributors think that there is, then I will comply.

I’d prefer to be able to discuss the competitive landscape reasonably freely.

I think the practice of the specialist email providers of charging per mailbox is a total rip-off. A shared hosting account which includes email is a much fairer alternative, provided one can find a good quality provider.

hey we are also getting late response please suggest

I am not sure there are “official” policies but without even asking around, I’d say it’s not really good form to discuss DreamHost competitors on DreamHost forums. Would you go to a coffee place and get on a chair to discuss of other places to get coffee? Knowing DreamHost, nobody will censor such discussions though, I just don’t think they’re good form.

And frankly, there are much better venues to form an opinion on other providers from reddit to webhostingtalk and more.

Yes, of course I would and do—it happens all the time:

“This place has great coffee.”
“Yes, it does. Smith’s across town also has great coffee.”
“Oh, they do. Good brownies, too.”

The difference is that we are talking about places that provide great coffee.

DreamHost does not provide great email service. By its own admission, at that. Talking about email providers is not bad form. It’s just current DH customers trying to find someone who is good at something that DH isn’t. If I find someone else to handle my email, it’s a win-win. I win because I get better email service than I’m getting now, and DH wins because there is less load on your server and fewer support requests to deal with.

Someone else has said that it would be great if DH partnered with an email company to provide email service that is as good as its hosting services. I agree, but can’t even begin to imagine how such a partnership would be managed. In the meantime, we can have hosting at DH, and email somewhere else, and DH doesn’t lose a dime.

Talking about other hosting providers could be seen as bad form, however. But as long as DH is still making the same amount of money, then no, talking about other email providers is not bad form.