Email hosting question

I have been hosting an email account on a home server for about 10 years since my ISP only offers POP and not IMAP. I’d like to transition away from using this home server to using Dreamhost. All I want it to do is fetch my mail from the remote POP account to the Dreamhost IMAP account. Is there a fetchmail like service offered by Dreamhost that’s a little easier for the average user to access than the command line? On my home server, I’ve been using MailServe to setup fetchmail and IMAP.

Thanks for your help,


  1. Create your email account at DreamHost.

  2. Disable fetchmail and IMAPD on your system. If you need to have access to your previously downloaded mail in the IMAP spool, use a POPD server on your mail spool. You need to have “real” POP email copies.

  3. From your own workstation (Linux), use POP to download the entire mail collection from your POP only mail system. I would recommend that you use Thunderbird for your email client, if only for this migration. Once migrated then you can uninstall Thunderbird if you don’t like it.

  4. Create a new connection to the IMAP service at DreamHost. Do not delete the current mail account with the POP mail. You need to have both systems in Thunderbird as two different mail spools at the same time.

  5. Select all of the messages in your downloaded collection from your POP mailer and drop them into the IMAP in-box at DreamHost.

The mail should then upload the email from your workstation and put it into the DreamHost email system.

  1. Remove the POP account from your workstation, disable the POPD server, and let Thunderbird fetch email via IMAP directly from DreamHost.