Email hosting, but website hosted elsewhere


I did a quick search of the forum and didn’t find an answer. I am currently hosting my website with HostGator and am not ready to move it right away. However, I’d like to move my e-mail hosting to DreamHost as e-mail is the source of most of my problems with HostGator.

Is this possible without simply parking the domain at DreamHost? My understanding is that parking is for when there is no website for a particular domain.


I could be wrong. But it is my understanding that you need to have your domain hosted with DH in order to use its email service.

You can set up hosting here, but as long as your WHOIS info doesn’t tell the world to use the DreamHost name servers, you can control your DNS so it routes all mail activities here. Once your Fully Hosted domain is created here, click on its DNS link to show all of the DNS entries related to mail and use those values over at the other site.